Annual Conference 2017

MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2017, entitled “An Innovation-Friendly Policy Framework Along the Whole Mineral Production Value Chain”, will be held in Brussels, Belgium on 13-14 December, 2017.

The Annual Conference 2017 will provide insights into the cornerstones and future trends of an innovation-friendly policy framework for exploration, extraction, processing, waste management, and mine closure.

The Conference will provide participants with:

  • In-depth understanding of innovation and enabling policy: Keynote presentations and interactive sessions will offer participants an in-depth understanding of value chain innovations and what role policy can play for innovation transfer.
  • Synthesised and practical MIN-GUIDE results: The conference will showcase the results of three MIN-GUIDE Policy Laboratory workshops on extraction & exploration, processing, and waste management.
  • A platform for networking and community building: Participants will have plenty of opportunities to interact, network, and exchange with one another.
  • Integrating mineral production debates: Contextualizing mineral production in the broader setting of the circular economy will facilitate awareness on challenges among a multitude of stakeholders.
  • The conference will be comprised of several sessions with different formats, including high-level keynote presentations, panel and plenary discussion, interactive parallel working groups, etc.

The preliminary sessions are:
Session 1: Framing the debate: Innovations in the minerals value chain and supporting policy frameworks;
Session 2: Minerals exploration and extraction;
Session 3: Mineral and metallurgical processing;
Session 4: Waste management and mine closure; and
Session 5: Debating co-management approaches in transitioning value chains

The conference will host 200 participants from all over Europe and will provide an excellent opportunity to learn, explore, exchange, and network.

A draft agenda and more information about the event will be available soon on our website.


To register, send an email to annualconference[at]
You will receive a confirmation email within 3 working days.